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About Us

The Auction Journal has been designed by Auctioneers and Consumers to be the best and most robust website for auction listings built for search and ease of use.

The chief end of the Auction Journal is provide the highest quality services to auctioneers and the public to the glory of God.

The Auction Journal is committed to the integrity of the Auction industry. The Auction Law section of the website will have the best information available about auction law by providing articles, news and updates about interesting and important updates to that matter to both Auctioneers and the Public. For Auctioneers, the Auction Journal will bring in the best listing services using the most state of the art technology to effectively help Auctioneers provide the best marketing and exposure for their sell their clients real, personal and business property with targeted market research, descriptive listings, quality photography, live webcast with real-time bidding including online time auctions with quality customer service.

For the Public, the Auction Journal will provide the most robust website to find auctions, Auctioneers and the real, personal and business property they are selling. For Auctioneers who participate and approve your registration request to bid at their auctions, you will have the ability to print a bid card at home, show up and avoid the lines to register. You will be able to bid real-time at live webcast auctions and online auctions. You can create an account and choose auction notifications by Auctioneer, by geographic area, type of auction, categories and key words. The moment an item is listed that you want notified, we will send you an alert.

The Auction Journal values feedback from Auctioneers and the Public and asks for you to help make this the best website in the industry. Please Contact Us with any cares, concerns, ideas and suggestions.