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Why sell with Auction Journal?

Auction Journal has been active in the international auctioning market since ().

AJ has had a stronghold on the US-Canada target market. Also, the agency holds a proven track record of achieving the expected profit targets.

The question 'Why auction with us?'; would be best answered by our loyal clients who auction with us and know us for a long time now. But we have got to tell a few things in our favor:


We guide you through the auction

Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals stands by those who auction through the entire auction procedure. Our client experience personnel take extra care and go a step ahead to make sure you sell with ease.


Wider outreach

Auction Journal has a wide network of both auctioneers and bidders from across the North American continent, but our main focus is the US and Canadian sellers and buyers. Massive numbers of audience ensure you get the best deals for your items.


Dealing in all major categories

Why auction with us? We have a team of specialists for the auction items of all popular categories. They know almost everything about the items they deal in. So, those who auction can be sure that their items are looked after by the experts.


Auction the way it suits you

We offer you the flexibility to sell your item, your way. You can choose to have a completely online or offline, or a hybrid auction based on the kind of item you auction. The multi-channel selling method has been quite popular ever since its emergence.


Unique Marketing Methods

AJ allows its users to create content on the website, which is why an auction can be a fairly profitable deal with us. One can find blog posts, videos, advertisements, and other multimedia content by those who auction to reach more people and find better buyers.

How auction is made easy with AJ!

Auctioning isn't an easy thing, in general. But that shouldn't happen with those who auction on AJ. So here is how auction gets easier with us.


Step 1: Assessment and Valuation

When you contact us to know more about your auction listing, our team of experts gets on their job to assess the valuation of your item and see if it is suitable for being auctioned.


Step 2: Seller Agreement and Commission

After your item is found fit to be auctioned and its valuation decided, we discuss how auction commissions will be applied and the other aspects of the seller agreement with you.


Step 3: Preparation and Cataloguing

We prepare your item for sale according to its category. Smaller items like collectibles or small equipment are stored at our warehouse, bigger ones like automobiles or real estate are looked out for repairs and maintenance (in case they are old).


Step 4: Auctioning and Assistance

You just need to sit, relax, and watch out how auction works on AJ while we get the best prices on your items. We also provide assistance from our dedicated team of experts through the entire auction process.

What auction items do we deal with?

There is a wide range of items in the auction market. You can find from the littlest to the largest things based on their size and valuation, up for auction.

It is hard to decide what auction item is the best, but surely a few are known to perform better comparatively.

So here's the list of what auction items sell more. We also deal in them, mostly.