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Why buy with Auction Journal?

Why bid with the Auction Journal? We don't take you to that fancy, pitched-up, last-minute bidding drama.

But that's the advantage. We have tried to make bidding more accessible and lesser intimidating compared to what happened earlier.

AJ offers exclusive benefits for those who bid:


Specialized Assistance

Why bid with AJ? Our team of experts in almost all major categories of auction items is easily accessible for your help and guidance.

They would be more than happy to assist and suggest you for no cost at all.


Wider outreach

AJ's wide network of bidders and auctioneers from the entire continent of North America gives better opportunities for those who bid.

Our sellers are trusted, you know you're buying the right thing.


We're Always Functional

AJ is not that seasonal auction platform that is active in one season and fades in the other.

Our year-long active status is bound to bring in consistently better buying opportunities for those who bid.


Well Researched Items

Why bid on AJ? Items that sell on the Auction Journal can be blindly trusted.

We personally consider taking a step ahead and researching each and every aspect of the products/properties sold on the platform.

How Bidding Works On AJ?

Auction Journal has been active in the international auctioning market since ().

AJ has had a stronghold on the US-Canada target market. Also, the agency holds a proven track record of achieving the expected profit targets.

The question 'Why auction with us?'; would be best answered by our loyal clients who auction with us and know us for a long time now. But we have got to tell a few things in our favor:


Step 1: Authentication

Anything and everything sold on the Auction Journal is meticulously evaluated to ensure authenticity for those who bid.


Step 2: Provenance

For things sold, we properly check the ownership rights and pay detailed attention to ensure a smooth transfer of titles.

We also maintain the details on our databases for future references.


Step 3: Quality Check

We thoroughly check the condition and functionality of the items to be auctioned.

An extra eye to details of the product’s age, features, and much more is paid.


Step 4: Valuation

Sellers can't simply put up any price tag on their items. Our teams thoroughly research the existing market value of the product.

Anyone would think by the basic logic- 'Why bid for anything above the market price?'.